En-ROADS Climate Change Simulation Challenge

A fun, eye-opening look into climate change and how we can limit global warming. This quick project took place during the Energy@Stanford program with a few new friends from the program. (August 2020)

DIY Ventilator Challenge

A few friends and I participated in a design challenge to create a make-shift, low cost ventilator out of an ambu bag. Each one of us majored in a different field-- ME, BME, CS, and EE, which made the team fantastic in my opinion. (May 2020)

Virtual Campus Challenge

Yet another quick and fun challenge! This one was all about building community virtually since everything went into lockdown due to COVID 19. Here we show mockups of a Club Penguin inspired world for students to mingle and interact. Club Penguin had been making a comeback for our generation during these months, so why not make it school specific and let our students wonder around a virtual campus? (May 2020)

Project Strawberry

For Digital VLSI, my partner and I created a custom 8-bit microcontroller and used Cadence Virtuoso to layout the design at the transistor level. Every transistor was specifically sized and meticulously layed out.... This was a huge amount of work, but we're so proud. (December 2019)

Quantum Support Vector Machines Paper Presentation

For IEOR8100, my partner and I chose to present the paper on Quantum Support Vector Machine for Big Data Classification by Patrick Rebentrost et. al. Machine Learning background slides created using snippets from Professor Verma's slides! (Also a fantastic class!). (December 2019)

Google Hardware Product Sprint

For Google's Inaugural Hardware Product Sprint, I learned everything from ideation, to schematic layout, pcb layout, and bring-up. I got a sense of the whole product cycle. (Summer 2019)

Institute for Quantum Computing: Fiber Bragg Gratings Work

I worked under Professor Michal Bajcsy at IQC to try to create fiber bragg gratings with interference lithography. (Summer 2019)