PhD Candidate Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

I am a 3rd year PhD Candidate researching in Professor Gordon Wetzstein's Computational Imaging Lab. I'm interested in the co-design of hardware and software, particularly in utilizing emerging sensors to rethink imaging algorithms and computer vision tasks. Broadly speaking, I'm interested in imaging, computer vision, photonics, optics, graphics, and data science. My research is supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Previously, I researched in Professor Keren Bergman's Lightwave Research Lab, Professor Michal Bajcsy's Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics Lab and Dr. Darwin Serkland's optoelectronics lab at Sandia National Labs. Outside of research, I am a cartoonist, an environmentalist, and an amateur jazz pianist.


Email: haleyso [at] stanford [dot] edu

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