Art Portfolio

New Mexican Cliff Shattered Raven Fly Light high jump oil painting figure drawing

Thank you for taking a look at some of my artwork! I grew up as an avid painter and while I don't paint as much as I did back then, I still make sure to find the time to create, not only to refine my skills, but also to continue to develop my imagination for all the different fields I love. Sometimes I sporadically write or recipe develop, among other things. Trying new things is one of the joys in life. Variety is the spice of life. Just be careful not to spread yourself thin. Some people will tell you to specialize, which definitely has it's merits, but while going deep, don't forget to go for breadth as well. That's my biggest advice. My philosophy is that you can indeed do it all, no matter how seemingly disparate or grand every dream seems. The key is to figure out the timing and make the right preparations.